Welcome to MEDSOURCE Mobility! If this is your first time to our site or you frequent us for your mobility needs we are glad you are here and know you will have a wonderful experience! Our specialists are trained to help you with custom seating, custom cushions, custom manual and power wheelchairs. Everything we do is tailored to you, as a unique individual. We pride ourselves on taking the time to ensure your comfort and understanding of the items you need.

If you are currently using mobility equipment and are in need of repairs, our repair department is happy to assist with any questions you may have and will provide a free consultation if we are in your area. As a patient service provider we take care of all necessary paperwork involving your doctor and will bill your insurance company for you.

We understand firsthand how important it is to receive equipment and supplies when you need them. Our goal is always 100% satisfaction. Call us today and let us know how your local RESNA Certified Medical Specialist can help.


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